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As in the last post, I threatened Bobby D the Crow, Bill the Rabbit (many names he has), and Vinnie and Vito the cats that I was going to start cracking down on treats.

They have responded with terrorists attacks.

Bobby is going with violence, snapping at my finger when I was petting his head, then refusing to apologize.

Vinnie and Vito have chosen passive-aggressive behavior, keeping us up all night, timing their antics at the moment when we are drifting back into sleep again.

Bill the Bullet is refusing to eat the reasonable plate, just picks out what he likes, then strikes the “starving and freezing” pose. Working the guilt angle.

So far I am responding with flat indifference, despite the fact that all of their mastermind guns a blazin’ is just about killing me inside.

Right now it is a neck and neck race to see who is going to break this cycle.

Who is your money on, readers?

Bet on me, I’ll throw the fight, I need the money.

Happy New Year!

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