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The Mom Sings A Song

Clean the bird, tuppence a bag….

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“Vote Early and Vote often”

Bobby D the Crow

“Bobby, I believe that was a quote from Al Capone”

“Yes, mother, but he is dead and I claim it.”

“Be careful what you claim, Bob, they did get him on tax evasion, you know.”

“I eat what I earn.”

“True…well, I am going to go shower now.”

“Don’t forget to Vote Early and Vote Often!”

The mother has left the building.

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We are moving, and the living room is completely cleared out and cleaned. It is empty.

Our television has always been in the bedroom, and please don’t hate us, but there is no interest in nor time for the Superbowl. Superbowl, Super Tuesday, Supesize, it is all large and happy.

Fine. Whatever makes anyone feel good, go to town. Try not to get hurt.

Tomas is writing a cue, I am multi-tasking myself into a drooling idiot, and as of four o’ clock this afternoon, Bobby has suddenly decided to join in the Superbowl frenzy.

Bob’s condo is in the dining room, looking straight into a now empty living room.

He is hearing all of the hollering coming from the houses around us, and is diving in.

Whatever is making all this racket, he is determined to roar along with it.

I am going to go see if we have any Advil left.

If you read this, I hope your team won.

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