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Way back when we found Bobby, he was a small guy, and when we rescued him, we took him to the Vet, who told us he was somebody escaped pet Mynah Bird.  Mynah Bird?  My grandmother had a Mynah Bird when I was young, and although Bobby did kind of look like my grandmothers bird, we were pretty certain he was a crow.

We took him to another Vet, who also said he was a Mynah Bird, due to some funny sounds he was making that were decidedly un-crow like.  I still did not quite believe it, so we took him home after they tried to patch up his wing, and we decided, well fine, if he was a Mynah Bird, he was going to talk.  

We put up signs in the neighborhood where we found him, advertising a “Found Mynah Bird”, along with his description, a picture and our phone number.


Nobody ever called, and to this day, Bobby has never spoken.  When people ask, I tell them that the “Professionals” told us with absolute certainty that he was a Mynah Bird, but to me, he is a crow.


But sometimes he makes a little sound that sounds like a “hi!”…….or a little grumble that sounds like “quit it, leave me alone….”

Is it possible that a Mynah Bird can mate with a Crow?  I ask Bob, but the Bird is not talking.

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