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It is a cold, rainy day here, it is supposed to snow tomorrow, and I am feeling sad and low.  It is not the weather, I love this weather.  It is probably the news from the comment section of the last post, and it has left me with a more in-my-face awareness of death than is usually hanging about.


Without denying the sadness, or running from it, I am looking at pictures of life, the life all around me, and try to reconcile the enjoyment of life with the fact that it is impermanent.  


I have a secret weapon – Kayla the Wonder Dog.  My friend Carol Johnson’s dog, who is possibly the greatest dog known to mankind.  I got to spend almost a year at Carol’s house in the Hollywood Hills almost every day, doing work there, and part of this fabulous job was to walk and brush Kayla.  It was so much fun, really, that I should have been paying Carol, not the other way around.  

So, I pull up pictures of Kayla when I feel low, and it helps get the ball rolling to sit with my own crew and enjoy them while they are here, and not cry now for something that has not yet happened.


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Bobby has been being quite vocal lately, and a few mornings ago I woke up to find that the house was surrounded by crows in trees, on all sides, hundreds of them.  I peeked out the kitchen window down into the yard and there were about fifty of them eating the bird and squirrel food on the ground.  The minute they sensed movement, they took off.

 So….we thought our wild animal budget would be a little lighter with the raccoons going into semi hibernation, but no – – we have to find cheap dog food and put it somewhere away from seeds and nuts so that everyone can get a bite.  It is practically a full time job – they are eating faster than I can get the food out.

When each feeding spot has been stocked, I sit down to relax, only to have Bobby yelling at ME!  Yes, I forgot to check his food bowl.


Oh the guilt.


I feel waves of half imagined, half real guilt-trips washing over me.

In the fall it was Buddy the raccoon, staring in the kitchen, off the back door balcony tree.  Now it is the crows.  

I have a life, I keep muttering to myself.  I have a life.  


“No, mother, you don’t. You are here to serve all of us.  Please try to “get” that, as you humans are so fond of saying”.

Thank you, Bobby.  It is always good to know ones place in the world.



What's for dinner tonight?

What's for dinner?


We WILL Be Back.......

We WILL Be Back.......



Have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Thanksgiving, everyone.  

The Bird, the Dad, and the Mom are off to get ready to see the relatives and eat ourselves silly.

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This is a quiz I like to send to my couple of close friends.







Go ahead and laugh, Bob, the next post will be the picture of you in the snow.

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Well, hey there 30567.  I happened to be googling a question I had a while ago, and came across your partner 11711.  You know, the guy listed first on the 11711 and 30567 Trust Papers? I read in a magazine that deals with  your line of work, that in the year 2000, 11711 had undergone disciplinary actions and he was found guilty of unprofessional conduct, intentionally and recklessly causing physical and/or emotional harm to a client, and sexual misconduct.

WOW!  And this was the muscle you brought over to intimidate us during your “walk through”  at 7002 Forbes Ave.?

What I read continues on to say that his license was revoked for 30 days, he was on probation for five years, he had a thirty day suspension, a psychological evaluation, had to retake and pass exams, all at a cost recovery of $4,000.

It is all starting to make sense of how you seemed to lead 11711 around by the nose, like the time you brought him over to stand there while you harangued us, and when he asked a question concerning the issue  we were trying to explain to you, you angrily shouted, “This conversation is OVER” and hauled him off.

You are one funny gal, 30567.

Well, since you and 11711 have seemed to move on to another victim (or not, the property still stands there empty), we are hoping for your sake that you will be smart for a change, and stay out of our hair.

However, I just had to write this to say hello to you, since you scoured the Internet from your job, and found that your actions and deeds had been written about, and kept coming back for more – seems that you just cannot get enough of reading about yourself, so here is a newsflash.  Other people can look you and 11711 up also, and since you seem disappointed that we have moved on, and have not detailed all of your behavior towards us, I thought just one more post to say howdy and godspeed would be nice.

Plus, I am sorry, the whole revelation we found about your partner 11711 was so amusing, we just had to post it, because you are a nervy little minx, you! Having all of that nasty baggage and pulling such rank on us.  We have so many actions we could take against you, but I think we are leaving it to the Agents of Karma.  Seems that they are already working their magic.

So, 30567, our last little tidbit for you to ring out the year 2008.


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