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I am not really much of a Christmas Person.  This is not set in stone, it does not define who I am or am not, it is just an overall generalization.

The Holiday season seems to rouse otherwise dormant little elves who come bearing gifts of “what could have” and “what might have been”.  They are wild little storytellers, and at any other time of year  I can put them to good use, have them churn out a page or two of fiction.

But when they spin their tales around this time of year, I am often susceptible to falling into a suspended state of belief, which can render me feeling both mentally and physically ill.

I have to tighten my grasp on my own reality, what I experience as my own life, and pull it, taffy like, out of the bowl of the elves tales.

It is never easy, but when the two are separated, and I come back to life, I can see, smell, taste, walk and run again.

When that day happens, that is Christmas day for me.

And when I can see the Sun shining through the Sun from the forest above me onto my front porch, the New Year is here.

Happy Holidays everybody – however you spend it, it is yours to spend.  I hope it treats you well.


Hay siempre otra manana para todos

Hay siempre otra manana para todos


Photo courtesy of Tomás Hradcky

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