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I finally have to scream it, I cannot take it any longer.  The ceremonial “Puck Toss” in Philadelphia two nights ago was the final capper.  No matter how loud the band played the music, the boo-ing was a roar over it as Palin came out, smiling and waving.

She is an adult, and an adult can handle someone boo-ing at them.  However, she was with two of her children, her daughters Willow, 13 years old, and Piper, 7 years old.

Now maybe the 13 year old can handle it, but a 7 year old?  Sarah Palin is going into a city that is solidly Democrat, and it is Philly,  for crying out loud!  To quote USA today, in 1968 at a football game,  “Philly, the reporter said, “This is the city that boo-d and threw snowballs at Santa Claus”.

Maybe the 13-year old could handle it, pre-teen’s are getting pretty brittle these days, but the 7 year old?  To put a 7 year old in that position, where she is still young enough to adore her mother, is beyond abominable.  It is heartless, ruthless, and it is not good mothering.

And to add insult to injury, it is not mothering at all when the whole event was pre-planned.  At a fundraiser before the event, Palin told the crowd she was going to put her 7-year old in a Philadelphia Flyers Tee-shirt, to stop some of the booing.  That is not motherly, that is a political ploy.  Using your 7 year old to further your own political ambitions. 

Sarah Palin, expert on both foreign and domestic issues, obviously does not know a Philadelphia crowd.

My disgust with her “mothering” started at the Vice Presidential debate, where, as we all know, when it was over, the poor little 5 month old baby was dragged out and passed around.  What is that baby doing up at 11 p.m.?   Especially a baby with special needs? A little baby, being passed around as if it were some unique little toy for everybody to grab.

Another video showing Sarah and Todd Palin getting off a plane, Sarah in front, striding towards a small group to shake hands, with Todd trailing behind her, holding the baby, who looks like a limp little rag.  The baby does not look like he is sleeping, he looks like he has passed out. There is not blanket over him, he is just hanging in his fathers one arm as Todd makes his way down the stairs behind Sarah, with the ever-sullen Bristol lagging behind.

That poor baby is going to die if he is dragged around as a prop much longer.  

Someone could accuse me of having no idea what I am talking about, as I have never given birth.  Well, I was a step mother twice, and I knew when bedtime for a 3 and a 5 year old was, and I knew that if my husband at the time and I wanted to catch a ten o’clock movie, we hired a babysitter.

Tomas and I have animals, and they need a schedule.  Bobby the Crow has a big cage on the balcony outside (given to us by our wonderful landlord), and when it starts to become dusk, he is brought inside. I would never leave him outside in the dark, hearing the raccoons and the deer rustle around, even though he is up very high and in a very safe cage.  It does not matter, if he were left outside, he would be afraid!

The cats have a sleep schedule, and we do our best to make sure they are mellow and comfortable and in their respective sleep spots when they are ready.  Basic responsibilities to creatures that we are considered the parents of.  

The parent of a human child, a woman who extolls her virtues as a “hockey mom” is using her children as political props, doing lord knows how much emotional damage.

Back to the “Puck Toss” debacle, when her trick of using her 7 year old as a human shield did not work in Philadelphia, she snarled afterwards, ” How dare they boo Piper!”

What planet is this woman living on?

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