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Well, hey there 30567.  I happened to be googling a question I had a while ago, and came across your partner 11711.  You know, the guy listed first on the 11711 and 30567 Trust Papers? I read in a magazine that deals with  your line of work, that in the year 2000, 11711 had undergone disciplinary actions and he was found guilty of unprofessional conduct, intentionally and recklessly causing physical and/or emotional harm to a client, and sexual misconduct.

WOW!  And this was the muscle you brought over to intimidate us during your “walk through”  at 7002 Forbes Ave.?

What I read continues on to say that his license was revoked for 30 days, he was on probation for five years, he had a thirty day suspension, a psychological evaluation, had to retake and pass exams, all at a cost recovery of $4,000.

It is all starting to make sense of how you seemed to lead 11711 around by the nose, like the time you brought him over to stand there while you harangued us, and when he asked a question concerning the issue  we were trying to explain to you, you angrily shouted, “This conversation is OVER” and hauled him off.

You are one funny gal, 30567.

Well, since you and 11711 have seemed to move on to another victim (or not, the property still stands there empty), we are hoping for your sake that you will be smart for a change, and stay out of our hair.

However, I just had to write this to say hello to you, since you scoured the Internet from your job, and found that your actions and deeds had been written about, and kept coming back for more – seems that you just cannot get enough of reading about yourself, so here is a newsflash.  Other people can look you and 11711 up also, and since you seem disappointed that we have moved on, and have not detailed all of your behavior towards us, I thought just one more post to say howdy and godspeed would be nice.

Plus, I am sorry, the whole revelation we found about your partner 11711 was so amusing, we just had to post it, because you are a nervy little minx, you! Having all of that nasty baggage and pulling such rank on us.  We have so many actions we could take against you, but I think we are leaving it to the Agents of Karma.  Seems that they are already working their magic.

So, 30567, our last little tidbit for you to ring out the year 2008.


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brought to you by slumlandlady and lord.

Judy Davis Farash and hubby Martin Farash.

The stress therapist and her husband, the addiction specialist.

Just. Too. Funny.

I believe this falls into the category of “non-fiction.”

Samantha Dunn?  Did I get it right?

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Today is daylight savings time, and Bobby is bellowing because it is still hot and sunny at six-twenty p.m.

The nutjob landlady put her For Rent sign on the lawn yesterday, and today two very nice Latino families came to the door and knocked. I invited them in, and Bobby started flapping and jumping.

We all Spanglish the breeze for a bit, as they are fascinated by him. Sadly, they want to see this house from hell, and we must move along, where I warn them to be careful of the rotting floorboards in the hallway, the broken swamp cooler in the kitchen, where hideous muck drops onto one’s head from the roof (mmm – really tasty conditions to make a meal) – and this is the nice section of the house.

I actually had to caution the second family to NOT bring their infant inside, as the guck in the walls, etc, would make a baby sick.

The list of what those poor folks had to see is much to long to go into, however, one fellow from the first family was so glad to have talked to us, the tenants, because, as he said quite plainly,

“The landlords lie.”

Yes, they do, and this particular landlady is borderline delusional. She has neglected this (once upon a time) lovely house for years, and thinks she will simply slap another coat of paint on it and charge, as she puts it, “Market Value.” Seems kind of cruel to treat something one owns so poorly, when one has the means to do otherwise. I believe this is known as Greed, perhaps?

To end this on a bit of a laugh, later in the day a real estate agent put up a big open house sign on the outer corner of the lawn, basically obliterating the For Rent sign, on the same corner was a flyer hung on a pole advertising a garage sale, and kitty -corner to this house was another real estate sign pointing to another house for sale.

People in cars were starting to do donuts in the intersection.

And Bobby bellowed his lungs out at the whole circus, while Tomas and I semi-collapsed on the floor, too tired to laugh, but somehow, sounds resembling laughter were coming out of us, and for a moment, all was well.

It was peaceful to be enjoying the great insane ride of simply being alive.

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